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Episode 10: Rebekah Vepraskas

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens interviews therapist Rebekah Vepraskas about her journey with intermittent fasting. Rebekah is a Georgia native who started intermittent fasting in October 2017 after a post on a Facebook group page for moms directed her to Gin’s podcast. She jumped right into IF by imitating Gin’s practice, and now that she is down 25 pounds and feeling much healthier, she is excited to tell Gin’s audience about her experience!

Rebekah did not have trouble with her weight for much of her life, but through the process of enduring a shoulder injury, having children, going to graduate school, and working a stressful night job, she slowly put on weight. In fact, she reached the point of no longer looking very much like her identical twin. She tried several ineffective strategies for weight loss before finally hearing about Gin’s story, which resonated with her. She began IF immediately, and noticed changes right away, finding improved mental clarity. With this change, she believes herself to now be a better therapist, and she also feels like a stronger person and more emotionally like herself. She feels healthy and driven enough to be embarking on a new graduate program, and has had such compelling success that she even recommends IF to clients.

Through the course of their conversation, Gin and Rebekah discuss some helpful points for those considering IF or already practicing it to keep in mind. They consider how to manage an IF lifestyle with children in the house, paying special attention to the need to foster in their children a healthy mindset about food. They talk about exercising for the sake of physical strength and a mood boost, the challenge of judgmental people, the vulnerability involved in sharing IF experiences, and faulty perceptions of fasting as disordered. Rebekah also sends a message to any listeners just starting their IF journeys. IF, she says, is so easy! There is no need to overthink it. It’s not glamorous or expensive, but is a simple and doable lifestyle that is best taken on in community with others. Her closing recommendation is more unexpected – buy Kroger sparkling water!


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