Season 1

Episode 115: Laurie Lewis

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Laurie Lewis from Portland, OR. Laurie is a repeat guest (from episode 4) and two years later, Gin and Laurie talk about all things maintenance.

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In the two years since episode 4 aired, Laurie has become an IF coach and author. She is also one of the moderators in the Delay, Don’t Deny Facebook groups. On the day this interview was recorded, Laurie celebrated three years of IF!

Laurie first found IF when she gained 50 pounds after menopause. “I was emotionally, mentally, and physically a basket case.” She knew that her massive weight gain was not normal, and she no longer recognized herself. While visiting her mother in Colorado, she shared her discouragement. Her sweet mother prayed for the answer. That evening, Laurie Googled “How to lose stubborn, menopausal weight,” and up popped IF. She stayed awake all night watching IF videos and reading everything she could about it. She had found the answer!

Laurie began with 16:8 but soon discovered that 20:4 was her sweet spot. She has lost more than 50 pounds, and now weighs what she did in high school. She still keeps her 20:4 fasting routine.

Laurie talks about her book, Celebrating Your Vibrant Future; IF for Women 44 to Forever. It is a 90-day workbook and daily journal that guides women toward understanding their physiology while learning how to fast clean, using Gin’s clean fast guidelines. Laurie’s workbook takes you on a journey to ensure you can IF for the rest of your life!

The advice she’d give new IFers: “A shift in mindset is part of being successful with IF, as IF isn’t something you’re doing for a short time. IF is going to get you to a place that will enable you to feel good every day. Fasting is repair. Use honesty clothing with no stretch to gauge your progress. Eat the foods you love, and the foods that love you back. Fast clean and enjoy delicious food!”

Laurie Lewis’ website is: 

Find Celebrating Your Vibrant Future; IF for Women 44 to Forever on Amazon.

Laurie also holds group programs, called Fast With Laurie.

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  1. Lesley johnson

    October 1, 2020

    So nice, 2 friends talking good IF talk. So needed right now, thankyou

  2. Cheryl Cochran

    October 1, 2020

    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed this conversation. I am really close to maintenance and this has been confirmation of how I am approaching the maintenance. I am noticing that my body lets me know what it needs now that I have appetite correction going on and am totally enjoying autophagy. At 73 yo and having gone from a size 16-18 to a size 10 has been such a wonderful lifestyle change. I always have had lots of energy, (I thought) but now it is even more. I love only thinking of food now as sustenance and eating what is delicious that will enhance my health. IF/OMAD is such a freeing lifestyle, your books are wonderful! Thank you!

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