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Episode 169: Barbara DeLeo

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Barbara DeLeo from New Zealand.

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Barbara DeLeo is a romance novelist.  She shares that she did not struggle with weight until after college. She rigorously exercised, watched what she ate, and followed various diets, but nothing seemed to work. By the time she was fifty, Barbara was burned out from all the extreme workouts and diets.

Through the years, Barbara had heard about IF, but thought it was crazy. But when friends encouraged her and her husband to try IF, she thought, “It’s the only thing I haven’t tried, so let’s do it!” Barbara researched IF, found The IF Podcast, and listened to every episode! She read, Delay, Don’t Deny and The Obesity Code. She dove right into the IF lifestyle, and has not looked back! Two years later, Barbara is down two dress sizes.

Barbara’s advice to new IFers: There’s no hurry with IF. It is a definite shift in thinking, and it will bring you freedom.

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