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Episode 81: John Brown

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to John Brown, a high school teacher from Columbus, OH.

John is a high school history teacher, and father of three. He struggled with his weight beginning at eight years-old. John went on to try “every diet known to man.” He shares that most of them worked well; he’d lose the weight, but then gain it all back once he reached his goal.

In January 2018, John heard about IF from a friend. He began researching and reading everything he could about IF. He read The Obesity Code, listened to The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, and joined Gin’s Delay, Don’t Deny Facebook group. He wanted to lose weight for his 25th High School Reunion, and did indeed. But once the event passed, he struggled with IF, gaining back weight. John was treating IF like a diet, and not a lifestyle.

In August of 2019, John went to Ghana. He recognized that he was the biggest person there. And then upon returning, had his yearly physical. His doctor prescribed him a statin without telling him first! John’s cholesterol was alarmingly high, and his weight was as well. This changed everything, and IF finally became a lifestyle. He also switched to a plant-based diet, as he feels his best eating this way.

The health benefits he has experienced are tremendous! He no longer needs his CPAP machine, no longer has migraines, his cholesterol has resolved, his skin tags are gone, and he no longer uses an inhaler. John says he has incredible strength and stamina, and has gone from 340 lbs to 227 lbs.

The advice John would give new IFers: “IF WORKS! Dive in! Stick to a clean fast. Your body is doing amazing things that you’ll never know. Find something that works for you, and treat IF like the ‘rest of your life’ not a diet. Find support groups! Find friends and family who support you. Trust your body.”

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