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Episode 82: Paige Davidson

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Paige Davidson from Lexington, KY. Paige explains how intermittent fasting has helped her lose the “diet brain” that plagued her for her whole life.

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Paige is retired, but works at the Lexington County Library. She never struggled with her weight, but her mother was one of the first members of Weight Watchers in 1963, and she would attend meetings with her. As a child, Paige would sneak snacks, as her mother was very aware of how much she ate. Looking back, Paige sees that she learned that in order to lose weight, she had to “do a special program or go to a special place.” She “dieted” her way to 315 lbs, and in 2000, had weight loss surgery. This helped her to lose 150 lbs.

Paige went to counseling to better understand her weight issue, and this was how she first learned about IF. She was very skeptical at first, and thought it was simply another diet, but her counselor told her IF helped with inflammation. This was Paige’s motivation to give it a try; reduction of inflammation, not weight loss. It was around this time that one day at the library, she checked in Delay Don’t Deny, and thought that it was time to read it! Paige jumped into 19:5, feeling “desperate but ready,” and went on to lose 78 lbs.

Paige had a “disordered way of thinking” as it came to dieting, food, eating, and health. She describes it as “diet brain,” where she was either on a diet or not on a diet. There was no in between. But IF healed from all of this.

The health benefits she has experienced: inflammation is gone, skin has improved, lots of energy, and she feels amazing!

The advice she’d give to new IFers: “Read three books: Delay Don’t Deny, The Power of Appetite Correction, and Atomic Habits by James Clear, to create new healthy habits.

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