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Episode 89: Emiko Prigmore

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Emiko from Shoreline, WA.

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Emiko is a stay-at-home mom of two kids. In early 2017, Emiko learned about IF from a friend on Facebook who posted the book Delay, Don’t Deny. Emiko looked into IF and the IF groups, but because of the clean fast expectation, didn’t begin IF at that time. She was doing strict Keto at the time, and cream in coffee was acceptable within the Keto community.

With Keto, she got down to 130lbs, and was happy with this weight! But then after ‘relaxing’ with carbs, she regained some of what she had lost. In the Summer of 2018, Emiko was re-introduced to IF by two friends. In July of 2018, she began to fast clean, continuing with low carb. But this time, Emiko was ready to give up the cream in her coffee!

Emiko has lost around 20 pounds since beginning IF and built lean muscle by working out. She loves the way her workouts make her feel, and does it for both the physical and emotional benefits. She no longer has guilt and shame about food. Emiko feels that IF was a “catalyst into a pathway of true self-care.” She realized that before IF, she valued an excess of food and “stuff” in her life. Now, she focuses on balancing choices with her time, money and food.

The advice Emiko would give to new IFers: Value each meal. Dismiss the idea of ‘bad’ foods. Food is not good or bad. Food is not clean or dirty. Nothing about IF should feel like a punishment. Recognize your body’s signals. Find a place in a community. Throw away the idea of a goal weight. Look at it as goal health…your goal life! Your body is a temple, not an idol.

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