Season 1

Episode 1: Kim Smith

Podcast Name: Intermittent Fasting Stories

Episode Name: Episode 1 – Kim

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens interviews medical scribe, Kim Smith, from Maine. This episode is the introduction to Intermittent Fasting and Kim is the perfect guest to share her journey from start to finish. Kim got started with intermittent fasting (IF) when the many diets she had tried over the years had failed. In spring of 2017, when her weight was on an uphill climb, she knew it was time for a change. Interestingly enough it was through Pinterest that she stumbled across Gin’s book Delay, Don’t Deny. She knew she needed to get this book and that it was meant to be. Since she has started IF, she has found joy in being clear-minded and less food focused.

During the discussion Kim also shares about the book she and her husband are self-publishing called Unbelievable Freedom. It is about their journey with weight and their relationships with food. Together they had gained 220 pounds in the first decade of marriage. The book touches on a variety of topics they have dealt with including diabetes, anxiety, and stress. But as Kim says, finding IF has made her calm, centered, and capable. IF has made her feel spiritually free and completely transformed.

Kim also shares her dramatic weight loss results. At her heaviest in 2015, she was 240 pounds and a size 22W. Although she did not lose all of her weight with IF, she is now down to 147 pounds and wears a size 4. As she shares, she now prefers to track her weight through how her clothes fit and how she looks in photos, rather than relying on the scale.

Kim breaks down the structure of her day-to-day IF lifestyle. She describes the times of day she eats and how she copes when others around her are constantly eating. She enjoys one large plate of food at night and never has leftovers. Kim is always eating clean foods such as salmon, vegetables, nuts, and even swears by black coffee.

Gin and Kim describe ways to overcome struggles that come with IF as finding community is crucial to success. Kim has found this community through IF Facebook groups and the people around her who eat the same way. To close their discussion, Kim offers a few final tips and encourages listeners to get Gin’s book, not to cheat the program, and to start finding the food you will look forward to eating!

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