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Episode 103: Jimmy Dettman

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin Stephens speaks to Jimmy Dettman from Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Jimmy is a middle school math teacher, Church Pastor, and also runs a DJ business. He shares that around Christmas of 2017, he visited a friend in the hospital who had health issues. This made him think about his own health, as Jimmy had reached his highest weight of 246 pounds. He had heard of intermittent fasting from the nurse at his school, and began watching YouTube videos on IF. A friend at work decided to join him, and on January 6, 2018, he started with a 17:7 protocol. The school nurse gave him the book Delay Don’t Deny and he read it in four hours!

The first month of IF, Jimmy lost weight quickly. By April, he had lost 40 pounds. By the fall, he lost another 10 pounds. He has now gone from a size 38 pants to a size 32! His blood pressure has also dropped to a normal range. He currently keeps 20-22 hour daily fasts and enjoys the IF lifestyle.

The advice he’d give to new IFers: “Try going on walks if you’re not doing any kind of exercise. If you can do 16:8, try to move to 18:6, because it’s greater autophagy!”

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