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Episode 105: Sonya Sophia

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Sonya Sophia from Austin, TX.

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Sonja specializes in Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. It is commonly known as ‘Tapping’. She found intermittent fasting a little over a year ago when looking for a way to lose weight and feel better. Working out and eating throughout the day wasn’t helping. She listened to Delay, Don’t Deny, and it made sense to her. After reading about others’ success with IF, Sonya realized that she needed to do some “unlearning” when it came to how to lose weight. She began IF gradually, as she began by skipping eating after 11 pm. Almost immediately, her acid indigestion went away.

Sonja noticed that she was not only detoxing from food, she says she was also detoxing from “emotions I had suppressed with food. I was psychologically detoxing.” Once her mindset was in the right place, the pounds started coming off with ease. Sonja loved the energy IF brought her, loved the way her taste in food changed, and found the foods that made her “happy and alive.” Her ‘sweet spot’ is a 20:4 protocol, and she has lost 35 pounds over the last year of IF.

Sonja has been Tapping for 15 years to heal the emotional pain and trauma from her past. Tapping helps with depression and a multitude of emotional issues. She describes that Tapping “turns on neuropeptides in your brain, which boost your mood, increases immunity, and enhances your mental cognition. It rewires your brain. It gives you strength and emotional resiliency.” Tapping is both freeing and healing.

Also in this episode, Sonja leads Gin in a short Tapping session.

You may find Sonja Sophia at: and for more information on private session, courses and online training for EFT, go to:

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