Season 1

Episode 108: Meghan

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Meghan, a kindergarten teacher from Nova Scotia.

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Meghan was very athletic growing up, but in college quickly gained 40 pounds. She realized something was wrong and headed to the doctor. She was told her thyroid had stopped working, and was put on thyroid medication. Meghan joined Weight Watchers, and got down to 175 pounds.

Once married, and three pregnancies later, Meghan’s weight climbed to 230 pounds.

Meghan was in a major car accident in November of 2018, which partially amputated her foot. During her five-month recovery, she could not walk. A surgeon gave her the wake-up call she needed: for every pound she lost, it would take 4 pounds of pressuire off of her ankle. In of May 2019, she made the decision to change her life. Meghan looked up: “How to lose weight with thyroid issues” and Gin’s book Delay Don’t Deny popped up! She researched intermittent fasting, and then found Gin’s Facebook group. She wrote down her goals and her main reasons to lose weight: less back pain and increased mobility were among them. In June of 2019, Meghan began IF with a 16:8 approach, eventually moving to 18:6.

Meghan has now lost around 85 pounds. She has far less foot pain, and now only needs half of her thyroid medication. The advice she’d give new IFers: “Take time to find out what you works for YOU. Take pictures. Don’t compare your body to someone else’s. Be kind to yourself in the process.”

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