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Episode 110: Navin Hettiarachchi

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Navin Hettiarachchi. Navin is the director of health, wellness, and performance for the NBA’s Washington Wizards.

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Navin found intermittent fasting in 2015, while trying to optimize his own health. IF immediately clicked for him, and he continues to keep an 18-21 hour daily fast. Navin constantly seeks to find things he believes in so that he may pass ideas along to his players. IF is one of the strategies he recommends.

Navin explains that there are four pillars to health: sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, and movement. He calls this The Dashboard to Health. If you look at your nutrition, your skin, how you feel, how you are sleeping, and your energy level, you have a clear picture of your overall health. He says to “get those pillars in line” for optimal health. He also talks about how nutrition, exercise and IF are all highly individual to each person. “Like a thumbprint,” he explains. IF helps Navin to stay balanced mentally, physically and spiritually.

The advice Navin would give to new IFers: “Start slow with IF. Instead of having breakfast, go for a walk, exercise.”

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  1. Sharon Paz

    August 28, 2020

    Hey, Gin. Thanks for interviewing Navin. He had such good energy, and your banter was excellent. I believe that you mentioned a book that you read related to grounding, or a theorist/practitioner, or something… If I’m remembering that correctly, I’d greatly appreciate the recommendation. Thanks for all of your work on behalf of health!

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