Season 1

Episode 111: Laurel Wilson

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Laurel Wilson from Fresnillo, Mexico.

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Laurel is a volunteer music teacher in her children’s school. Laurel shares that she has lost at least 80 pounds five times in her adult life.

In February of 2019, her husband shared The Obesity Code with her, along with information on how to do a clean fast. Skeptical and doubtful at first, Laurel decided to do her own IF research. She found Gin’s podcasts and joined her Facebook groups. After reading all that she could on IF, Laurel decided it was something she could indeed try! Both she and her husband found that IF was relatively easy for them, and within the first six months they had each lost almost 70 pounds.

A year later, Laurel has almost lost 100 pounds. She typically fasts from 20-21 hours a day. She feels great, has great energy, and no longer hides from being in pictures. Her joint pain is gone. Her acid reflux went away. IF will be her lifestyle forever!

The advice Laurel would give new IFers: “It’s not your fault that you’re overweight. It’s not about willpower. IF sounds like an extreme diet, but it is not! Do the research to find the medical proof as to why IF works. IF is adaptable and flexible, and it can adjust to your life.”

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