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Episode 114: Todd White

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin speaks to Todd White, founder and CEO of Dry Farm Wines.

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Todd lives in Yountville, CA. He began IF with keto six years ago. He now follows a modified keto diet. He began IF with 16:8, eventually moving to OMAD (One Meal a Day). Todd says, “Going to OMAD was the single most important advancement in my wellness, than anything else I have ever done. I felt so much better.” He follows OMAD to stay healthy and lean.

Todd says that, “eating less and eating less often, along with controlling blood sugar, can help avoid the over-production of insulin.” This is also known as hyperinsulinemia, about which he says: “I believe is the leading cause for most chronic illnesses.”

Todd explains the mission of Dry Farm Wines, which is the largest importer and reseller of natural wines in the world. They do not sell domestic wines, as there is no wine produced in the US that meets their standards of purity. He explains what sets Dry Farm Wines apart from the rest: it is always grown without chemicals, organically/bio-dynamically. It is also fermented with wild, natural yeast, and there are absolutely no additives. The process of dry farming means less water, resulting in a lower in alcohol content and wines that are almost free of natural sugars.

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