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Episode 118: Tammy Roach

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Tammy Roach from Louisville, KY.

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Tammy is the Director of Testing Services at the University of Louisville. On the day this interview was recorded, it was also her 50th birthday!

Tammy shares that she was heavy her entire life. She tried countless diets, even having gastric bypass surgery.

In October of 2019, Tammy ran into a girlfriend who had lost weight with IF. She told Tammy about Delay, Don’t Deny. Tammy ordered it that very day and began IF almost immediately. Within three days of IF, she noticed her knee pain was gone. “I felt amazing!”

Tammy has lost 50 pounds, and has gone from a size 2X to a size 12. She can now go into her closet and put anything on because everything fits! Her relationship with food has completely changed, which is definitely something to celebrate.

Tammy and a friend created a Facebook group called “Measure Me L-if-E.” The group is to support and encourage their friends with living the IF lifestyle. It has been a true joy! “The struggle with weight my whole life has led me to where I am now, and helped me find my calling.”

The advice she’d give new IFers: “IF is harder at first, but it gets easier over time. Whereas a diet is easy first but harder to stick to. Listen to the IF Stories podcasts every day. Take pictures to see the changes. Give yourself grace.”

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