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Episode 132: June and Sarah Canfield

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to June and Sarah Canfield, a mother and daughter from Billings, MT.

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June works for a software development firm, and Sarah is a seamstress. In the Summer of 2017, June found out about intermittent fasting on television. With her husband’s high school reunion only months away, she decided to give it a try. She followed 16:8, and lost weight. But once she stopped following IF, she gained everything back. She followed it yet again the following Summer, then stopped, and yet again gained back all the weight.

In April of 2019, June decided to make IF a lifestyle. She found Delay, Don’t Deny, and realized she had not been fasting clean. Switching to the clean fast, she followed 16:8, and finally found IF to be relatively easy! She has lost almost 25 pounds, going from the upper 140s to the mid 120s. She currently follows 18-19 hour fasts, including some 24 hour fasts, and she throws in the occasional longer fast. Her mood and mental clarity have both greatly improved, and she’s also lost skin tags!

When June shared IF with Sarah, Sarah thought: “There’s no way I could do that. I need my morning smoothie!” But after watching her mother lose weight with IF, and seeing all of the health benefits that came with it, Sarah was willing to give IF a try. She read Delay, Don’t Deny, and began IF with 16:8, in December of 2019. She had suffered from severe eczema, and dermatologists had been unable to cure it. But with IF, she was able to pinpoint the cause. At this point, her eczema is almost completely gone! Sarah also feels like she is healing her gut. She has lost 10 pounds, and currently follows 20-22 hour daily fasts.

The advice June would give to new IFers: Take pictures and measurements. It’s never too late to get healthy.

Sarah’s advice: Start slow, and build that fasting muscle. Be consistent. It gets easier! Open your window with whole foods that are nutrient dense.

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