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Episode 136: Justin Claypool

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Justin Claypool from Clarkston, WA.

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Justin shares he struggled with his weight his entire life. At 11 years old, Justin was pre-diabetic, put on Metformin, and attempted his first diet. Nothing helped him to lose weight, and Justin went on to try several diets in high school. Years later, he reached his highest weight of 375 pounds.

In October of 2019, Justin was experiencing success through a low carb/keto diet, and he joined a diet bet to lose more weight. Someone in the group recommended he read, Delay, Don’t Deny.  Justin learned about the power of the clean fast. He currently follows a 22:2 to 21:3 IF protocol. Thanks to intermittent fasting, Justin has gone from 300 pounds to his current weight of 220 pounds.

Justin’s health improvements: His gout flare-ups are gone, skin tags have disappeared, and several scars are gone. His A1C is at a normal level after 20 years of being prediabetic! His fasting insulin is also down.

Justin’s advice: “Nail the clean fast. Ditch the ‘on & off the wagon’ mentality. There is no failing with IF. Take it a day at a time.”

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