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Episode 139: Anne-Lise Jasinski

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Anne-Lise Jasinski from Joplin, MO.

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Anne-Lise calls herself an “Untherapist” and she helps people with self-improvement. She is also the author of The Untherapist, which is a book about her emotional journey of healing.

Anne-Lise was introduced to fasting as a child. She grew up in a religion where children were required to dry fast (no food or water) for 24 hours, once year. This was looked upon as a ‘rite of passage,’ and Anne-Lise did her first dry fast at age seven.

Leaving this religion in her twenties, she never fasted again.

In 2017, Anne-Lise officiated her son’s wedding. Looking at pictures, she did not recognize herself. At 230 pounds, she realized it was time to do something about it. She found Dr. Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code and followed a Keto diet with a 16:8 IF protocol. Anne-Lise eventually lost 65 pounds, but in dealing with some emotional issues in her life, gained back 55 pounds. This was discouraging!

In March of 2020, Anne-Lise joined a Keto Facebook group, and found Delay, Don’t Deny from another member. She quickly read it and listened to the IF Stories Podcast. She began with a 19:5 protocol, but this time without restrictions. After a year of this, she feels healthy and vibrant and strong.

Anne-Lise’s NSVs: “Food finally became permissible to enjoy, and I trust my body now.” She has compassion with herself, and has healed her relationship with food, discovering the joy of eating. She is also healing the ‘diet brain’ she has struggled with her entire life.

Anne-Lise’s advice to new IFers: “Focus on the feeling, not the results. Listen to your body’s feedback.”

You may find Anne-Lise Jasinski at: and on social media: @theuntherapist

Her book, The Untherapist is available on Amazon.

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