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Episode 140: Langston Moore

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Langston Moore. Langston is a writer and podcast host who played football professionally in the NFL.

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Langston played for the University of South Carolina, and was then drafted to play for Cincinnati, Arizona, and Detroit. He played in the NFL for a total of seven years.

Langston is also an author of two books for children and hosts a podcast.

Langston uses IF to help keep himself “in check.” While playing football: “we consume a lot of calories and expend a lot of calories.” After football was over, he used intermittent fasting to get the weight off. IF has helped him with reducing inflammation, easing his joint pain due to football injuries, improved digestion, and better sleep. Langston got his weight below 290 pounds by following 16:8.

Langston’s advice to new IFers: “Just try! See how long you can make it. Take incremental steps.”

Langston Moore co-hosts The Butt and Gut Podcast, where football guys talk about IF, the football lifestyle, and share stories, workouts, and advice. You may also find him at:

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