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Episode 151: Melissa Denny

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Melissa Denny from Brighton, CO.

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Melissa shares that she was overweight as a child, but this was accepted in her family. Her first diet was in high school, which began years of dieting and calorie restriction.

By 2019, Melissa had reached her highest weight of 230 pounds, and she gave up. “I’ll always be overweight,” she declared.

A Facebook friend shared IF with her, and added Melissa to the Delay, Don’t Deny group. Seeing all of the incredible transformations gave Melissa back the hope she had lost, and she officially began in August of 2019 with 16:8. She immediately felt so much better, and instantly knew that IF would become her lifestyle.

An avid runner, Melissa has also noticed how much energy and motivation she has for her runs as an IFer. She now feels comfortable in her body, and has gone from 230 to 173 pounds.

The advice Melissa would give to new IFers: “Find community. Read the books, and do the research.”

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