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Episode 168: Abby Stadlin

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Abby Stadlin from Cleveland, OH.

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Abby is the owner of an Ace Hardware. Abby was a lifetime dieter, trying every new diet that came along: from low calorie to low carb, and everything in between. The diet would work, but then Abby would gain back all of the weight she lost.

By 2017, Abby reached her highest weight and decided to give up. She thought, “I’m done fighting. I’m just a large girl.” But Abby was still unhappy with her weight, and worried about her health.

In 2019, she overheard a group of ladies discussing IF. Abby researched ‘intermittent fasting,’ and found both Delay, Don’t Deny, and The Obesity Code. She also joined the DDD Facebook group. Abby began with 16:8, quickly moving to 23:1 within weeks. She has gone from 225 pounds to 182 pounds, which is the smallest she has ever been!

Abby’s advice to new IFers: “Look to the science behind IF. Join the IF support groups. Listen to the IF podcasts.”

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