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Episode 174: Brooke Roberts

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Brooke Roberts from British Columbia.

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In 2013, Brooke was diagnosed with a fatty acid oxidation disorder. Her creatine kinase levels were too high, which caused muscle break down. This meant Brooke could no longer enjoy the hiking, weightlifting, and dancing she loved. This also caused weight gain, and Brooke tried counting calories to fight back. She would restrict then binge, which led to even more weight gain. By the time she reached her highest weight in 2018, Brooke simply stopped caring.

After suffering a miscarriage the same year, she finally gave up. Brooke reflects, “self care went out the window.”

Miraculously, Brooke was pregnant shortly thereafter, and the baby was premature. She spent six months with her son in the NICU.

By the time she could bring him home, Brooke knew it was time to do something about her weight. She had heard about IF in passing, and did some research to learn more. She found Delay Don’t Deny, joined the Facebook groups, listened to the podcasts, and began her IF journey in September of 2020.

Brooke began with 16:8, and gradually worked up to 22:2 or 23:1. She has lost 72 pounds, and feels amazing.

Her creatine kinase levels have remained in the healthy range, and she’s able to exercise again! Brooke shares that she has a positive relationship with food, and feels “centered and grounded” in general.

Brooke’s advice: What you’ll gain from IF is far more profound than the weight you’ll lose. Commit to IF for at least 6 months. Be flexible, and know that IF is ever-changing.

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