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Episode 185: Miki Earle

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Miki Earle from Maine. Miki is a life coach who now does weight loss coaching after losing over 80 pounds through intermittent fasting.

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Miki struggled with her weight all of her adult life, yo-yo dieting for many years prior to intermittent fasting. She found IF through a client she was coaching. After researching IF online, she found Delay, Don’t Deny.

In November of 2019, Miki began her IF journey. In only eight months, she had lost 54 pounds with ease! “The [weight loss] battle is over,” Miki declared. By September of 2020, Miki had lost a total of 83 pounds, and has been joyfully maintaining with OMAD.

IF brought her freedom, and an astonishing mindset shift. “The joy that IF has brought is a surprise!” Miki feels more comfortable in her own skin, and shows up for who she truly is every day.

Miki’s advice to the new IFer: “IF doesn’t have to be done perfectly everyday. Some days more, some days less. Discover what works for you. Hunger won’t kill you. Freedom is awaiting you.”

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