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Episode 2: Lyn

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens sits down with Lyn from Duckwater, Nevada to hear how intermittent fasting (IF) has transformed her life. Lyn is a schoolteacher who works in a modern-day one-room schoolhouse. She has been practicing IF for two years and has seen it completely transform her personal health. In this interview, Lyn candidly talks about how she lost one hundred pounds, has changed her daily routines, and how IF has changed her tastes and food preferences.

Lyn’s story begins when she first heard about intermittent fasting from a close friend in November of 2016. It was around this time that she also began to work out every day for over five hundred consecutive days. From this experience Lyn shares the power of developing consistent routines in helping her lose one hundred pounds. She also talks about the process of bodily changes through significant weight loss and all the milestones she reached along the way.

Next, Lyn shares the nitty gritty details of her new daily routine. She talks about how her morning routine helps her gain energy and win the day. She breaks down the specific timeframes she uses for her fasting and how it gives her bottomless energy. Lastly, she talks about how she procrastinated on a fully clean diet, and what she now discovers she was missing (having made that change). The biggest takeaway from this part of the story is that intermittent fasting has set Lyn free from a lifelong addiction to food.

As the conversation winds down, Lyn talks about how her tastes has changed over the past two years. The number one change is that she has a new appreciation for green vegetables. However, she says that IF has ultimately taught her to eat what she loves, and she boasts of her ability to eat dessert on most days while remaining healthy! As Gin and Lyn wrap up, Lyn offers a simple piece of advice for beginners-to read Delay, Don’t Deny and apply it not only to your diet but to your life as a whole. She says this book has taught her patience not only in her own physical health journey but also in her marriage and other aspects of life.

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