Season 1

Episode 20: Jeethah Atwal

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens chats with Jeethah Atwal, a teacher from Vancouver, about her experience with intermittent fasting. Jeethah stumbled upon IF one day while on her computer, and she was very surprised that such a thing exists. She decided to try it for one day, and upon waking up the following day, she was surprised with how light and well rested she felt. That inspired her to try it again the next day. In her own words, she felt amazing; and in the year since then, she never stopped practicing it.  Over the course of the year, she has seen several physical and emotional improvements. During this episode, Jeethah shares some of her past experiences with food and her struggle with unhealthy ties to food before she began IF.

When people start IF they are sometimes afraid of what other people might say, and may be prone to hide it; however, a supportive doctor can make all of the difference.  After starting IF, Jeethah was surprised by her doctor’s positive reaction when she shared that she practices IF. He was supportive of her, and of fasting in general.

Finally, Jeethah shares her advice for someone starting IF. She suggests to just be you, feel your body, and tailor your IF plan to you and your body. For her, it was not about weight loss, but for general well-being and overall improvement. Jeethah really enjoys food, and IF actually allows her to enjoy it even more.



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