Season 1

Episode 23: Graeme Currie

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Graeme Currie, who works in the field of agricultural research. Graeme started with intermittent fasting in 2017 after getting up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds) and deciding that enough was enough, and he needed to make a serious lifestyle change. He searched for weight loss methods and stumbled upon Gin’s intermittent fasting group, joined, and began to apply IF to his life.

After several months the positive health effects started stacking up. He noticed less joint paint, his psoriasis cleared up, his vision improved, and of course, he lost a lot of weight (around 100 pounds in a year). Even his general practitioner was amazed at the effects from his adherence to IF. Graeme also explains how it seems more and more people are getting into IF and sharing their experiences with it, and even medical professionals are onboard.

Graeme now steers clear from certain foods that don’t work well for him, such as fast food and highly processed foods. After a while, he started to even be repelled by the sight and smell of such food. This is a commonly reported effect of IF, also discussed in some of the previous episodes. His IF style is 20:4 and it fits well with his schedule. Graeme noticed that now has more physical endurance, which had been a challenge in the past. In general, his quality of life improved dramatically and he can’t stop recommending IF to people.

Graeme’s advice for those starting on this journey is to obtain the Delay, Don’t Deny book, stick to clean fast, and the results will come in time.



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