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Episode 24: Nissa Graun

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast,Gin has a conversation with Nissa Graun.  Nissa’s journey is long. She spent years as a yo-yo dieter, trying different ones, yet never really achieved a stable target weight. At the same time, her health was declining, and she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had to take insulin while pregnant with her first child. In the midst of her struggles, she stumbled upon the Kick Your Fat in the Nuts book by Tony Hale, and then IF.

Nissa shares how she lost about 70 pounds in just the first year of applying IF coupled with a low carb diet (25 grams per meal). In total, she has lost about 135 pounds since starting IF several years ago.  Nissa found that for her it is pretty easy to stay in her desired range without rebound weight gain…a big difference from past experiences! Gin and Nissa discuss how your scale may not reflect what’s happening in your body, and why you should not to be too bound by the scale. Sometimes you can even gain scale weight while becoming leaner and fitter as you build muscle but lose fat.

Nissa manages a website (Eating Fat is the New Skinny), and has written a book, My Big Fat Life Transformation, where she shares her journey, what she applies in her everyday life, and how to achieve your health and weight goals. Her final advice for those starting with IF is to take your time, don’t rush through extreme fasting from the onset, and over time, the lifestyle change to intermittent fasting will become natural.



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