Season 1

Episode 25: Julie Carson


In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Christian health coach Julie Carson of Utah.  Julie became intrigued with intermittent fasting during her experience with the ketogenic diet.  She shares how it took a period of tweaking to find her perfect IF regimen, but once she started listening to her body, IF became effortless.  She reached her goal weight within six months, and she noticed other positive health changes, including a significant improvement in her gut health.  No longer strictly keto, Julie discusses incorporation of the Paleo diet to fit her family’s needs and how we all need to personalize our eating to fit our own bodies.  In addition to its impact on her eating, intermittent fasting has inspired Julie to adopt new health practices like using an infrared sauna, and she has even incorporated principles of minimalism into her lifestyle.

A main focus of Julie’s work with her coaching clients is overcoming emotional eating.  Julie also helps clients who struggle with body image, and she shares with Gin how intermittent fasting helped her conquer some of her own long-standing body image issues.  The lessons taught by listening to her body and connecting to her inner voice have fortified her coaching practice and she looks forward to working with future clients learning to live an intermittent fasting lifestyle.


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