Season 1

Episode 3: Barb

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens shares Barb’s success story with IF. Barb serves as a legal nurse consultant in Frankfort, KY. She has struggled with her weight since she was ten years old and made it her life mission to figure out what was going on with her body. In 2017 she was searching through Amazon and she found a book called The Obesity Code that she completely identified with. This started her journey to weight loss and health success. Soon after, she got connected with Gin and her Facebook group for Delay, Don’t Deny.

During their conversation, Barb also discusses her beliefs on how Western medicine has led the general public down an unhealthy path. She believes that consumers are led to believe they have to keep eating and eating to gain energy. Alternatively, Gin and Barb have found a different way to gain more energy through IF. Amazingly, they now feel much less sluggish than they ever did before.

Next, Barb describes her success with IF which includes losing a total of 90 pounds. Although she has had an 8-month plateau, she now no longer lives in fear of gaining the weight back. She has seen other marked improvements as well including greatly lower blood pressure, changes in reflux, and less pain from a previous back injury. Another benefit she has seen is that she no longer has to take ibuprofen daily like she did for so long.

To close their conversation Barb walks through her typical eating schedule. She usually eats once a day around 8:00 a.m. and then she’s done. Food is not her priority anymore. She encourages listeners starting IF to ease into it and to not do too much too soon. She coaches on how to acknowledge hunger and not to ignore it. Through following these steps emotional eating should not be an issue anymore as was the case for Barb. Instead, she has learned how to set fasting aside and have planned indulgences. Barb’s final encouragement is for listeners not to wait on motivation, but just decide to make a commitment and follow through to see real change.

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