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Episode 31: Rachel Nekati

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Rachel Nekati, a management consultant from Botswana in southern Africa.  Rachel dealt with 30 years of obesity, trying many diets along the way.  In 2017, she joined an online calorie counting group for accountability and experienced her typical pattern of initial weight loss followed by plateau.  When she began to regain, another member of that group suggested intermittent fasting.  She dove into research, which led her to the work of Dr. Bert Herring, Dr. Jason Fung, as well as to Delay, Don’t Deny.  She describes April 1, 2017, as a day that changed her life as she devoured the book and its relatable wisdom.  The science made sense and she began a 16:8 immediately, amazed at how quickly she felt great and saw results in that pattern.

Rachel was accustomed not only to counting calories, but hours of working out, including pre- and post-workout shakes.  Once she realized why this was counterproductive, she began working out fasted with better energy.  In addition to easy weight loss, Rachel experienced a number of “non scale victories” including reduction of blood pressure and systemic inflammation, allowing her to wear smaller shoes.  Her eyesight improved to the point that she no longer needs reading glasses.  Her favorite effects are the mental clarity and calm centeredness that helped her move away from toxic people and find more peace and joy in everyday life.  She has settled into a 19:5 and relaxed her exercise plan, enjoying fasting and feasting equally.

Wanting the message of intermittent fasting to reach around the world, Rachel wrote a book called Just Eat.  It has been well-received in Botswana and neighboring countries, where obesity and diabetes are growing issues.  The book’s title was inspired by her daughter, who noted that the whole family benefitted when their mom stopped agonizing over calories and stocking the house with low-fat foods.  Thanks to the benefits of fasting, Rachel just eats with her family and enjoys vibrant health.


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