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Episode 32: Mark and Lori Evans

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Mark and Lori Evans, a husband and wife from Jefferson, Georgia.  Mark and Lori are stand up comedians who live an intermittent lifestyle together.  Lori learned of IF from her sister and after reading Delay, Don’t Deny and The Obesity Code, she began IF in July 2018.  She remarks that she didn’t put pressure on herself, but moved naturally from an 18:6 to a 20:4, feeling a distinct difference from previous diets.  Previously, she had tried phentermine, 500 calorie a day shakes, and HGH, through which the weight “always came off, but then it came back.”  The first physical change she noted was body recomposition, especially in her face.  She has now lost over 40 lbs in nine months, and even better, she has relief of her severe GERD.  Though she still has a hiatal hernia, fasting has greatly improved her symptoms, including her ability to sleep through the night.

Mark jokes that he saw his reflection looking “like Buddha” in a hotel mirror and knew it was time to lose weight.  He got on board with IF a couple of weeks after Lori did, and loved the freedom of continuing to eat favorite foods without a feeling of cheating.  On a recent trip to Las Vegas, Mark and Lori enjoyed drinking at the tables and eating at favorite restaurants, though they ate far less than in the past.  They avoided all-you-can-eat buffets knowing that appetite correction would prevent them from eating enough to warrant the price.  Both have noted a big decrease in mindless eating overall, and at this point, Mark is down nearly 100 pounds from his heaviest.  Though he needs a double knee replacement soon, he’s feeling confident about maintaining a healthy weight after surgery.  He looks forward to resuming his golf game and starting a new comedy tour with Lori.


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