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Episode 33: Terry

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Terry from Baltimore, Maryland.  Terry works as a teacher’s aide since retiring from a career in the corporate world.  Terry explains that she spent 25 years being obese.  She reached the point of morbid obesity as she overate to deal with the grief of losing her mother.  In April 2017, she was traveling with a “skinny friend” who introduced her to low-carb eating.  Committing to strict low carb helped Terry lose 56 pounds in 5 months’ time.  While researching egg fasts as a way to break a plateau, she learned of intermittent fasting and Delay, Don’t Deny, then started eating One Meal a Day (OMAD), a regimen that she’s continued since.  Though she’s flexible when necessary, she often eats her daily food inside a one-hour window.

In terms of the food Terry eats, she still limits her carbohydrates but has become more relaxed, making the decision to reincorporate fruit like Medjool dates.  She still avoids refined flour and sugar out of personal preference and how her body feels best.  She states that eating OMAD has created significant body recomposition, allowing her to move from a size 6 to a size 2 without much change registering on the scale.  She states that “autophagy is for real” as her body has transformed without formal exercise and does not have any sagging skin.

Terry’s husband has joined her in the OMAD lifestyle.  The biggest change IF has brought to their life together is simplifying visits to their cabin.  They no longer lug huge coolers full of food, and they have the energy to take long hikes instead of short walks.  Looking back, she sees that their old life revolved entirely around food, including at the cabin.  OMAD has given her a sense of freedom through keeping life simple.  She focuses on her clean fasts, feeling best of all in the fasted state.  Though Terry began a weight loss journey for her own health, she now considers it her mission to help spread the intermittent fasting message to others.


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