Season 1

Episode 4: Laurie Lewis

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin Stephens interviews Marketing and Branding Specialist- Laurie Lewis. They discuss topics weight gain during menopause, the power of IF, and how Laurie found hope in 2018.

This episode begins by Laurie explaining how she found intermittent fasting. She had never struggled too much with her weight the majority of her life. However, she started gaining weight once she started menopause. Laurie had packed on 50 pounds and had tried endless ways to try and lose it. On a trip to her mom’s house, the two of them had an intervention. Her mom wanted to pray with her to find a solution for her weight gain. That same night, Laurie stumbled upon IF and has never looked back.

Gin speaks on how the body knows how to heal itself and recommends reading The Biology of Belief. Through Laurie’s process from June 12, 2017, to the end of March 2018- she lost 44 pounds. She ultimately lost a total of 51 pounds, bringing her weight loss to more than the original 50-pound gain. Laurie explains how the reaction of her friends has been very positive and she has been able to inspire them.

Next, Gin and Laurie discuss the differences between starving themselves and following IF. They recommend setting a beautiful table and making meals feel like an event. They only want foods that are worthy of their time instead of grabbing anything. Laurie gives advice on how to get over the hump when her stomach is growling. She looks forward to her favorite mineral water and keeps her insulin levels low.

Towards the conclusion of the episode, Laurie shares some of the positive health changes she has experienced after IF. Other than just weight loss, she now has less fogginess and more strength. She has learned how to listen to her body and react to it. Gin and Laurie discuss some of the struggles with IF such as the stall that Laurie faced. Laurie offers great advice, to take IF day by day and to give it a year.

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