Season 1

Episode 40: Bett Lucas

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Bett Lucas, a mother of five from Gig Harbor, WA.  Bett works full time in a sales role within the energy industry.  Bett says she’s always had a good body image, adding that she has ‘one of those husbands’ who is supportive of her appearance regardless of weight fluctuations.  However, after seeing photographs of herself after a beach vacation, Bett realized that she was unhappy with weight gain and set out in search of a solution.  She settled on the Whole 30 plan and found success, losing 20-25 lbs fairly easily, but then hit a plateau.  Without being aware of intermittent fasting as a technique, she began skipping dinner a few times a week and found this gave her renewed results.  She experienced increased energy and mental clarity as soon as she began restricting her eating time.

As she was experimenting with condensing her meals, Bett spoke with a coworker had lost 100 pounds using intermittent fasting, and made the connection to her results from skipping meals.  After doing some research and finding The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, she learned of clean fasting and realized her bulletproof coffee was creating a ‘dirty fast’ for her.  Because bulletproof coffee was a cherished part of her rituals, she shifted it so it was consumed inside her eating window.  She also skips bulletproof coffee on days when she is flexing her eating window later for family gatherings or business events.

At this point, Bett feels such a passion for health improvement that she has a Facebook group called “Motivate with My Betty Lu.”  She started it for accountability, and it’s a group of men and women from all walks of life supporting each other in their wellness journeys.  Though it is not specifically focused on fasting, Bett shares that many members become motivated to fast after learning about it.  She continues to promote Whole 30 as a great program for pinpointing the effects of certain foods on the body.  She credits Whole 30 with giving her a dietary “reset” and helping her see the impact of constant creamy coffee throughout the day.  One of her main priorities is helping her children learn from an early age to listen to their own bodies in terms of hunger, satiety, and the effects of different food choices.


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