Season 1

Episode 42: Jamie

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Jamie, a nurse and administrator from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Jamie shares that her mother and sister are naturally lean and fit, which made it hard to understand why her own weight was such a struggle. Jamie paid thousands over the years for a Weight Watchers membership, going on and off the program with limited success.  In 2018, as she was getting ready to turn 40, she began seeing another way.  A friend was doing keto with great results, but Jamie was skeptical.  As a nurse, the high fat content of a keto diet seemed unhealthy, but when she had a chance to attend a keto-focused panel at a Cardiology conference, she was intrigued.  The session helped debunk the myth that eating saturated fat causes heart disease, so she decided to jump in and give it a try.

She began her keto plan in October 2018 and was amazed that she was finally satisfied instead of hungry.  The way she felt on keto eating was a stark contrast to how she’d felt trying to follow the WW plan all those years.  She easily lost 15-20 pounds and following a family trip to Disney, her husband decided to join her.  He found that keto improved his headaches, and they both noted an increase in positive mood.  It was around March of 2019 that she found Delay, Don’t Deny through the podcast and it was timely, because her morning bulletproof coffee routine was becoming burdensome.  She quickly switched to black coffee and appreciated the simplicity of an 18:6 clean fast.  She has continued to eat lower carb, higher fat, though she no longer counts macros.

At this point, Jamie’s weight loss of 35 pounds brings her to the normal BMI range for the first time in memory.  She is pleased with how she looks, and feels a sense of mind-body alignment that is new.  In addition to her weight loss, she feels clean fasting has helped heal her severe plantar fasciitis.  She hopes that acceptance of intermittent fasting and keto will continue to grow.  She sees all nurses as essentially shift workers with associated health problems, and believes a combination of IF and keto can help many of them when they open their minds to it.  She is gradually educating her mom, a traditional dietitian, about the new research supporting these nutritional approaches.


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