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Episode 44: Susannah Juteau

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Susannah Juteau, a registered dietitian from Ottawa, Canada, currently living in San Jose, California.  Susannah shares that before moving to the US for her husband’s job, she worked in a community health center and her job served all ages, all populations.  As such, she was a generalist who did not deeply research any nutritional approach until she became aware of intermittent fasting.  At first she thought it might be just a popular fad, but as she delved into the evidence on IF and its healing properties, she became convinced that it was worth a try.

Six years ago, Susannah had surgery to remove a benign tumor near her brain stem.  She deliberately scheduled this podcast interview to take place on the anniversary of this significant milestone.  Following the operation, she had debilitating headaches.  She started her own IF regimen with a 16:8, and she noted improvement in her headaches, but still needed medicine.  The improvement convinced her that something important was happening, so she extended some fasts to the 24 hour mark.  She initiated two 24-hour fasts per week, usually Monday and Thursday.  On the other days, she still fasts, usually 12-16 hours of fasting, and eats the same kind of food she always ate, including lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  This unique regimen has been her perfect fit.

Within 4 weeks, Susannah reduced her medication dose and after 8 weeks, she was off it altogether.  As for her weight, she did not lose any in the first month, but went on to lose a total of 15 pounds in her first 16 weeks.  She gradually lost another 5 pounds over several months leading up to her one-year IF anniversary.  She is comfortable with her body and is enjoying the lifestyle.

As a dietitian, Susannah knows people need solidly researched information and to that end, she has started an Instagram account and website.  Her citizenship status prevents her from launching a business in the US yet, but she is developing a 3-month educational program for when the time comes.  She believes one month isn’t long enough to adapt, and wants to support people until they reach the point where IF is comfortable.  She encourages newcomers to choose a pattern and stick with it for several weeks before making changes.  She also encourages a long-term mindset and reminds that IF has “a gazillion” health benefits beyond weight loss.


Susannah’s Instagram account:  @fast.with.facts_rd

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