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Episode 45: Juanita

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Juanita, a Centerville, Utah “domestic engineer.”  Juanita is a mother to 6 and grandmother to 18, and until three months ago, she felt destined to gain weight.  One of her sisters even remarked that grandmothers are “entitled to be fat with gray hair.”  Unfortunately, Juanita has also watched several older sisters struggle with effects of obesity, including heart disease and limited mobility requiring walkers and scooters.  Though she herself was already diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and hypothyroidism, she decided to reject this prophecy and take matters into her own hands.

After being introduced to the concept of IF by her daughter, Juanita began with The Obesity Code, which she found fascinating but dense with science.  She was then given Delay, Don’t Deny, which made her believe IF was something she could do.  She says she believed she could do it, but would it work?  Juanita was resistant to cutting out food groups, which she’d tried for brief diets in the past.  Tired of the vicious cycle of eating junk and craving fast food, Juanita quickly progressed to OMAD and making meals at home, including her own bread.  She noted a desire for healthier changes, though admits she is still not a big fan of vegetables.  She quickly saw improvement in her reflux symptoms and steadily lost 40 pounds/20 inches over the last three months.

Her health conditions have all improved dramatically, including an improved A1C and cessation of diabetes meds, improvement in her thyroid numbers, and better nails and skin (including softening hereditary dryness she called “lizard skin”).  Juanita loves her lifestyle and feels her body only wants one meal each day, even when RVing with family and friends who eat more frequently.  She advises listeners not to accept the negative aspects of aging as inevitable.  With intermittent fasting, we have the power to take back some control over the aging process.


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