Season 1

Episode 5: Dennis Shock

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens interviews work-from-home business analyst Dennis Shock about his experience with intermittent fasting. Dennis formerly tried various diets, but none effectively improved his weight or his high blood pressure and joint pain. After one of his wife’s coworkers told her about IF, Dennis researched it himself and began what has become a 10-month (and counting!) IF journey marked by the loss of 35 pounds and an increase in overall health.

Gin and Dennis share knowledge and insight, discussing details and benefits of the IF way of life in a way that leaves listeners with both inspiration and know-how to begin the IF program. They note the reality of plateaus in weight loss and of upswings and variations in the process of shedding pounds. They also consider relevant books, practices for tracking weight loss, navigation of particular food and drink choices, changes to appetite and taste under the IF program, fasting windows, and the impact of IF on personal health.

Throughout the conversation, Dennis shares details of his own story that lend shape and color to the practical input he shares. He describes his usual window, which involves a snack at about 3 pm and dinner at around 5-6 pm, with no other eating during the day. This, he says, was an easy window for him to adopt, and since he can eat any foods he desires – even burgers and pizza – in his window, he does not feel like he has had to give anything up with IF. He has adapted to a new normal with altered tastes and appetite, and has experienced along with his weight loss an increase in energy and improvement in his joints and blood pressure.

Dennis encourages listeners with the fact that IF is the easiest healthy eating style he has ever tried. He does not struggle to maintain his fasting lifestyle, and even finds that the IF system allows for a lot of flexibility to work around social events. Dennis counsels listeners to do their own research into IF and to persevere should they decide to give the program a try.

In This Episode
0:44 – Dennis and his introduction to IF
2:45 – Down 35 pounds!
3:15 – On The Obesity Code
5:02 – Plateau
5:30 – Drink beer, not soda
7:24 – Tracking weight
8:22 – Upswings and variations
9:03 – Renewed health
10:14 – Lost weight and the size of a child
11:04 – Dennis’s window
13:53 – Appetite correctness
15:58 – On burgers and changed tastes
19:25 – Dealing with your gut microbiome
20:53 – Blue Zones
22:52 – Tomatoes
24:27 – How has IF changed your life?
26:38 – No feeling of giving anything up
27:01 – A new routine
30:01 – This plan can handle some flexibility.
32:31 – More is not always better.
36:10 – On butter and other foods
40:20 – Is there anything you struggle with when applying IF?
41:16 – Exercise for health and for aging well
42:35 – What would you tell someone who’s just starting out?
44:32 – Easiest healthy eating style of Dennis’s life

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