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Episode 59: Amy Land

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, host Gin speaks to Amy Land, a Human Resources Professional from just outside NYC. Amy shares that she was a “serial dieter” before IF, trying countless diets. She was an avid calorie counter, but ate healthy and exercised prior to IF. She would graze all day long, being told to, “eat small meals all day” in order to protect her metabolism. By eating all day, she truly did not know what hunger felt like. As an adult, Amy was diagnosed with thyroid issues, and prescribed meds to help her conceive.

In the Fall of 2017, Amy found IF through a colleague at work. She did some research on it and found Gin’s book, “Delay Don’t Deny.” Amy first began an ADF 5:2 schedule, treating it as a diet; still obsessing over food, still counting calories. But once she looked at IF as, “being given permission not to eat for awhile,” she switched to 20:4, and followed that with ease.

After consistently IF for a year, Amy she feels more authentic, and life is no longer “muddled” the way it was before. She has lost 18lbs, and realized she has several food sensitivities, so eats the foods that helps her body to thrive. She also shares that the nodule on her thyroid has reduced by 60%, and her doctor is very pleased!

Amy’s advice new IFers is to: focus on what you CAN, instead of what you CAN’T. Use an IF app to track fasts, coach yourself. Ask yourself: What can you commit to for today?” Take it a day at a time. Make the best choices you can, and listen to your body.
Amy experienced a “mental shift” in her whole life. She has clarity, separatism and purity; and now trusts her body.

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