Season 1

Episode 61: Gagan Behl

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Gagan Behl, from Punjab, India. He is a musician and a music therapist who works in the field of mental health, and he is also a fitness enthusiast.

Gagan has always struggled with his weight, and would lose it by counting calories and exercising. Punjabi is a farming culture, and considered the “Texas of India.” Eating the harvest is a major focus for bonding and celebration. Lavish dinners with rich food are central to all gatherings, and staying fit is of little importance.

Gagan found the Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast, and began listening to success stories of how IF became a lifestyle to so many. He began his IF journey a few months later, with a 16:8 protocol. He noticed almost immediately that he’d awaken feeling “refreshed, and no longer lethargic.” Gagan varies his IF schedule now, and keeps Fridays as his all-day fast until dinner. After worrying about Gagan at first, his mother recently began her own IF journey!

The health changes Gagan has experienced have been incredible. He notes having a “glow.” He has good energy, enjoys good meals, and “eats mindfully.” For him, IF is also spiritual, and not just about the weight loss. His mindset about food has drastically changed, and he feels so positive now. He no longer feels guilt towards food, and no longer punishes himself with it. Gagan teaches an Indian Folk Dance class, and considers this his workout. It is a high energy dance with many steps, and he always teaches it fasted.

The advice Gagan would give new IFers would be to: “Ease into IF, make it a lifestyle and make it work for YOU.” Gagan feels positive in getting to his goal. He considers IF “in his arsenal,” and looks forward to continuing this lifestyle for the rest of his life.



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