Season 1

Episode 68: Matt & Laurie Jones

In this episode, Gin talks to Matt and Laurie Jones. Matt and Laurie are high school teachers from Tulare, CA. Not only do they work together, but they also began intermittent fasting together.

Matt began to notice how scheduled he was with his eating. He found himself eating all day long at school, even when he wasn’t hungry. Laurie didn’t feel like herself, and knew she needed to do something to improve her health. One day Matt saw a TED Talk on Intermittent Fasting, and listened to it. He presented IF to Laurie, and they both started in June 2019 IF with 16:8. At first, Laurie was reticent to give up cream in her coffee. This made fasting very difficult. She listened to the Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast, and learned that the cream was the reason IF was so hard! Once she switched to black coffee, it made ALL the difference.

Some of the things they have noticed since IF: Laurie no longer has inflammation, aches and pains, headaches, and now has healthier teeth and gums. Matt feels clear and calm. He describes it as “zen-like calmness.” They both have tons of energy, and are far more productive at school. Instead of snacking during every break, they’re now working. They feel like better teachers!

The advice Matt and Laurie would give to new IFers: “The clean fast is vital. Start with a longer window, and gradually increase your fasting hours. Eventually, you will get back in touch with your hunger.”

Matt and Laurie have found that IF is the first thing they’ve been able to stick with, because it is a lifestyle and not a diet. It is simply a normal way of life for them now.

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