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Episode 70: Cynthia Thurlow

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Cynthia Thurlow. Cynthia is a nurse practitioner whose March, 2019 TedX Talk on Intermittent Fasting went viral.
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Cynthia first learned about IF in 2015, from three friends all within a week! Cynthia was skeptical at first, but did a great deal of research on the science aspect of IF, and also read ]The Obesity Code. It all made sense to her, and shortly thereafter, she began IF. Cynthia immediately loved the freedom of not having to worry about what she was eating for breakfast, and felt far more productive. She considers herself a “lifelong learner,” and IF was something new in which to learn.

In December 2018, Cynthia had food poisoning, which then caused several other digestive issues. In February 2019, her appendix ruptured. These health emergencies caused her to change the way she ate, which had previously been Paleo. Her gut microbiome had undergone a great deal of stress, and she learned to be patient as her digestive system healed.

Gin and Cynthia talk a lot about food choices and how it greatly affects our gut microbiome. So much of our health lies in our gut, and if we change the way we eat, we can greatly improve our overall health. Cynthia explained that if we feel satiated after a meal, it will help with weight loss. “Change your lifestyle before going on medications.” Sleep, stress, and food choices all impact the gut microbiome.

Cynthia’s IF pitch: Skip breakfast, which will lower insulin, and give you mental clarity. You’ll become fat-adapted, you’ll become efficient with fuel source in your body, you’ll no longer have ebbs and flows of energy, and you’ll lessen neurological issues. Don’t be rigid with your nutrition. Eating all day prevents you from tapping into fat stores. IF is not only physical, but also spiritual and emotional.

You can find Cynthia Thurlow on Instagram and Twitter, and she has a Facebook group called Cynthia’s Circle. Her website is:

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