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Episode 71: Chantel Ray

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Chantel Ray. Chantel owns a real estate company and is also a writer, podcaster, and host of the Fasting Reset Summit.

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Chantel struggled with her weight for 20 years, and tried every single diet under the sun. One day, she read a book on wealth, and it suggested asking others how they themselves were successful. This got her thinking about how it also pertained to weight. She decided to ask naturally thin women how they were thin. Chantel wanted to understand how she herself could be the same without diets or counting and tracking. She would randomly ask thin women a simple question: What do you for eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? She quickly realized thin women only ate either one or two meals! Basically, these women were Intermittent Fasting without even realizing it.

She officially first learned about IF from a friend she trained with at the gym. He gave her a Dr. Fung video to watch, and Chantel started with 16:8. She had to increase her fasting hours to 18:6, and sometimes 19:5. She also does some extended fasting. She has experienced some wonderful health benefits, such as no longer needing her thyroid meds, her psoriasis has healed, and she has lost 30lbs!

Chantel has written a few books on IF. Her first book, “Waist Away,” is a compilation on all of her interviews from thin women. “Fasting to Freedom,” is a book on fasting for spiritual reasons, along with strategies for longer fasting. And then, “Freedom from Food,” is a Bible study to do with others.

Chantel’s advice for new IFers: “Recognize true hunger. Eat only when truly hungry. The clean fast makes fasting easier. IF allows you to listen to your body’s voice unlike diets.” She is now fueled by freedom, instead of living in the bondage of food, diets and weight.

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