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Episode 72: Mary Lou Reece

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Mary Lou Reece, a highway contractor who lives in Houston, TX.

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Mary Lou had never tried a fad diet, and had only restricted calories to lose weight. She first learned about IF from her daughter who had read Delay Don’t Deny, and helped her to get started. She began in April 2019, with a 2-3 hour window, and found that OMAD, (One Meal a Day) was her “sweet spot.” Her husband joined her in IF a few weeks later.

Mary Lou has lost 30 lbs, and her husband has lost 20 lbs. They both enjoy the flexibility of IF, and that it’s “easy, cheap, and not a fad.” They have both experienced health benefits of IF…she’s off prescription antacids, her gallbladder issues are gone, and she has cut back on her blood pressure medication. Her husband is no longer pre-diabetic! They both feel a lot healthier since IF.

Mary Lou’s advice for new IFers: “The way you feel today won’t be the way you feel in a month or two or five! You have to give IF more than weeks, because you will feel better. Even if you don’t see the scale move at first, IF is working somehow! Read Delay Don’t Deny.”


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