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Episode 75: Michele Singletary

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Michele Singletary. Michele is a nurse who lives in Evans, GA.

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Michele was a Weight Watchers lifetime member, losing and gaining every time she did the program.

Michele’s was at her highest weight in April 2018, and her A1C had begun to rise. She was referred to “diabetic teaching.” Frustrated, and knowing she needed to lose weight, she considered going back to Weight Watchers. “I wasn’t able to find what did work, but could clearly see what didn’t.” The ‘eat less, move more’ wasn’t sustainable because “I couldn’t move any more, nor eat any less, on any of the diet plans!”

In April 2018, her daughter told her about IF, but Michele immediately dismissed it. Then shortly thereafter, she saw a local TV interview featuring Gin and her books. Hearing about IF the second time, Michele bought Delay, Don’t Deny, and read it in two hours while on vacation. She knew THIS was the answer. Her first fast was in May of 2018, and she has fasted every day since. She quickly lost 20lbs, but then plateaued. In September of 2018, she began Alternate Day Fasting, (ADF) getting past the plateau. Her husband also joined her in IF, and has lost 40lbs.

Michele’s blood glucose went down, and her A1C is back to normal range! She’d like to lose another 30lbs.

The advice Michele gives to new IFers: “Learn as much as you can about IF. Read Delay, Don’t Deny several times to grasp it. Expect the unexpected, because this way of life is totally against what you’ve been told…or even what you currently believe! You may not lose right away, but don’t give up. Expect to feel better. YOU are the expert on yourself.”

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