Season 1

Episode 76: Amy

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Amy from Tampa, Florida. Amy is a reading specialist who has been living an intermittent fasting lifestyle for about 2 years.

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Amy always struggled with her weight, but after having kids, she began to gain even more weight. She tried Paleo for awhile, but then gained back everything she lost once she stopped.

Amy heard about intermittent fasting on Facebook through a friend.  She began IF in February of 2018 with a 16:8 protocol, but then stalled for a year. She realized she needed to give up wine, along with having shorter windows. She switched to a 23:1 protocol in July of 2019. She has always had a lunch window, but longer windows on weekends. Amy has lost 29 pounds in total, and says that if she stopped here, she’d be okay.

Amy talks about how mindset is key. She focuses on her goals every day.

Amy’s advice to new IFers: “Give yourself a lot of grace. If you mess up one day, just start again the next. Accountability is important. Be involved in the DDD groups, listen to IF Stories Podcasts, and use the fasting apps if you like data. Keep measurements.”

Amy will IF for the rest of her life because she loves the freedom that it brings.

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