Season 1

Episode 84: Natalie

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Natalie, a young mother who lives in Germany with her husband.

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Natalie shares that she was always overweight, and always the “bigger girl.” In high school, she started her first diet by counting calories and working out. She also took diet pills and detoxes, and nothing really worked…yet she continued to look for something to help her lose weight.

In 2014, she became a Health & Wellness Coach. She thought this would keep her motivated, but instead, it became emotionally and physically draining. In 2015, she and her husband tried to start a family, and after a year, they saw a fertility doctor. She experienced deep depression as a result of this, and ate out of emotion. Finally in September, 2016, she got pregnant. Breastfeeding actually made her gain weight, which brought back depression. In 2018, she had a miscarriage, and this brought back her depression yet again. Once Natalie hit her highest weight of 195 lbs, she decided to get serious about her health.

In June 2018, Natalie came upon Delay, Don’t Deny on Facebook from a comment someone had posted, recommending that others read the book. After quickly reading it, Natalie began IF on June 28th. She has done 18-20 hour fasts ever since. Weight “fell off”. She has worked hard on changing her diet mindset, as IF has helped her to “heal mentally and emotionally.”

The health benefits that Natalie has experienced have been incredible energy (she no longer needs an afternoon nap) and she has barely even had a cold since beginning IF!

The advice she’d give new IFers: “Research IF so that you know why you do what you do. Understand the science behind it. Listen to Podcasts for support and encouragement.”

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