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Episode 86: Paul Brodie

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Paul Brodie. Paul is a best selling author and a publisher who runs Brodie Consulting. He helps people share their stories with the world, and in this episode, he shares how intermittent fasting has changed his life and improved his health.

At Paul’s highest weight of 340 pounds, his doctor told with him that he was prediabetic, had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid issues, and “would be dead in five years” if he did not lose weight. Paul focused on counting calories, and that worked for awhile. He lost 60 pounds and kept it off. But then he plateaued, and could not lose any more weight.

In July of 2019, another doctor suggested IF, and he started right away. Paul keeps a daily 17:7 routine, and has lost 20 pounds. He shared IF on his personal Facebook page, and someone commented about Gin’s book, Delay, Don’t Deny and her DDD Facebook group.

Paul’s goal is to eventually get off his thyroid meds, as he loves the way IF heals the body!

The advice he’d give to people who’d like to write their IF story: “Just get started. Think of 10 different talking points to cover in your book. Try to find a way to record yourself, and start talking. Consider 10 minutes of audio for each chapter. That will be the foundation of your book.”

The advice he’d give to new IFers: “Trust the process. You have to get used to water and black coffee. IF takes time!”

Paul feels like a completely different person, and is totally committed to IF for the rest of his life.

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