Season 1

Episode 88: Marie Todd

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Marie Todd from Birmingham, AL.

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Marie is a Digital Banking Process Manager and a Moderator for the Delay, Don’t Deny Facebook groups.

Marie has a long journey of dieting, beginning at age twelve. One of her cousins said to her that she should go on a diet to “keep from getting fat like her mom.” This single comment changed Marie’s life…she began to restrict food and calories, and four years later found herself almost obese. Dieting destroyed her.

At the end of 2017, Marie’s daughter-in-law shared Delay, Don’t Deny, with her, and Marie instantly connected with Gin’s story. At the beginning of 2018, Marie began IF with a 20:4 approach. She decided that she would never restrict anything in order to heal her relationship with food. Her mind needed to be healed, even before the weight loss. She has lost 42 pounds very slowly, but Marie is completely at peace with this! She said from the beginning that her body would do what it needed to do, and she will never define herself by a specific size. For the first time in her life, Marie is enjoying her life and has peace with food.

She has some incredible NSVs (non-scale victories) because of the power of IF: her skin tags are gone, she no longer takes meds for allergies, GERD is better, and she no longer has recurring fever blisters. She used to have Plantar Fasciitis, but has not experienced another occurrence!

The advice that Marie would give to new IFers: Breathe. Embrace that IF is a lifestyle. Own your own journey. Define what success means to YOU.

Marie will never go on another diet, and she knows that her body will find a healthy weight. Her mind and emotions have healed. She truly has peace of mind, and will IF for the rest of her life.

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