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Episode 9: Sheri

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens interviews health care worker and a former Weight Watchers leader Sheri about her experience with intermittent fasting. Sheri discovered IF in 2015 and kept on with it until today, without skipping a single day. She felt like she couldn’t control the trend of her body gaining weight until getting acquainted with IF through the book, The 8-hour Diet.

Sheri had a transition period, after which her energy and focus returned, and she lost her obsession with food.  Both Sheri and Gin share their advice that one has to stick with IF until the body gets used to it, and not to be discouraged by various effects that might occur in the meantime (like temporarily gaining a small amount of weight). Sheri managed to achieve a lower weight than her target Weight Watchers goal, without having to be in a constant battle with her body and hunger, and by living a lot healthier in general. These are some of the unexpected benefits of adhering to a clean fast. The most important instrument in your healthy living is your own body, not the scale. Learn how to read, feel, and trust your body – and it will reward you.

A general rule Sheri follows is to achieve at least 16 hours of fasting each day while focusing on daily activities, and not on food or hunger. The start and end of the fasting window can adjust to the circumstances. Hunger may appear throughout the day, but it can be manageable. IF can also bring greater satisfaction with what is eaten, because one doesn’t have to micromanage every meal. The final advice that Sheri shares is for those that are starting IF. Her advice is simple: be patient. It takes time to adjust to IF, so be patient and the changes will come.


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