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Episode 94: Stacey Downs

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Stacey Downs from Old River, Texas.

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Stacey works at a chemical plant in the shipping department. Stacey shares that growing up she was overweight, and watched her mother diet. She followed along with whatever diet her mother was doing. She lost weight in high school, even getting too skinny!

Stacey got married right after high school in 1996. She gained weight with each of her three pregnancies, but with Atkins and low carb, she got down to her lowest weight of 170 pounds. This led to a cycle of yo-yo dieting for Stacey. She would gain weight, then lose it following Keto or low carb.

Fast forward to 2018, a very stressful year. She had a hysterectomy, reaching her highest weight of 265 pounds. Low carb was no longer working. She found a Keto group on Facebook, and heard about intermittent fasting in the group. She first read, Obesity Code, then, Delay, Don’t Deny. She began IF in March of 2019, losing 30 pounds by May!

Stacey says she was “tired of feeling bad and tired.” She had aches and pains, and a “daily afternoon slump in energy.” The health benefits she’s experienced with IF: Her plantar fasciitis is gone, a cyst went away, and she no longer has heartburn. She has energy and mental clarity, and that afternoon slump is long gone!

The advice she’d give new IFers: “Read the books, and educate yourself as to why IF works. Start today! Don’t wait! Enjoy it. Find what works for YOU. IF is not a wagon to fall on or off of…you simply have shorter fasts and longer fasts!”

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